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Ventilation is indispensable for a healthy living environment in your home. A ventilation system ensures the supply of healthy air and evacuates the polluted air. In addition, ventilation necessary in well-insulated homes in order to avoid moisture problems. The installation of a ventilation system is compulsory for new homes. Also in existing homes offers a ventilation system a number of benefits. The possibility of this whether or not to combine with air conditioning.

1. Ventilation System C

With a ventilation system C fresh air is brought in via grills in windows or walls.

The used indoor air is mechanically drained.

2. Ventilation System D

With a ventilation system D the outside air is fully supplied automatically. Before the outside air enters the house, she is on a comfortable temperature.

Ventilation system D also features a full bypass. This ensures that in warm weather, the house ventilated with relatively cool outside air.

3. Ventilation System E

With a ventilation system E happens the outside air supply by supply of fresh air in ' dry ' areas. The transit of air is via invisible and subtle in doors to the different spaces divided.

The drain of the ventilation air is done via a built-in sensor in the control module which opens more or minus the control valve

This system will extract heat from the exhaust ventilation air and outside air and can be used for generating and storing renewable energy.

This can be used for low temperature space heating and the production of domestic hot water.

Benefits of air conditioning

  • Comfortable temperature in house
  • Both cooling and heating
  • Ideal for summer & winter
  • Combination with ventilation system and/or heat pump

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